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Welcome to our site. We hope you like what you see. Please check back often as we will be making regular updates to the website.

Doomsday Bunker Book is where you can get the latest information on doomsday bunkers, preppers and much more. We have several books, addendums, supplements and more. We also have quite a bit of free stuff for our club members. Joining our club is easy and it is free. I would imagine you can afford free.

In our book, we talk about aboveground and underground bunkers. We also talk about air filtration, water, electricity and much more. In our bunker design, you could live in the bunker full time so I even talk about income ideas.

This book is very comprehensive.

Membership Features

We have a Doomsday Bunker Book Club. There is no cost to join. Some of the advantages of joining our club are as follows:

Did I say it is FREE?
Free newsletter
Discounts on all additional purchases
Extra Free stuff, including, additional articles, private information and more
Access to be able to directly contact the author
Smart phone app

Jewish People

There are many Jewish people who are also preppers. In the book, I have included much information that is specific for Jews.

doomsday bunker book

Let’s face it, we all want to protect ourselves and our families. Until now, most of us really had no idea how to go about it. This book spells it all out! Easy to read, practical, crammed full of useful resources, and even amusing in places, this is THE guide for “prepping” for the unknown. Thank you!

—M.S., Maryland


Many of us believe that some sort of doomsday will occur soon. Most of us are woefully unprepared. This book that is very well written will give you a perfect guide to help you and your family be prepared.

J.T., Pennsylvania


I have read quite a bit about different ways to protect oneself for when TSHTF. This book has over 200 pages of fantastic and well researched information. I highly recommend that everyone purchase this book and study it well.

E.D., New York

are you ready

I have been a prepper for long time and have a steel shipping container as my bunker. After reading this book, I realize this is not enough. I am going to be building an underground concrete bunker based on this book. This book has all the information I need to protect my family.

M.T., Arizona



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